Pure Natural Diva Botanicals

Our world is filled with chemicals, some benign, others not so much. But fortunately more and more dedicated individuals, often women entrepreneurs, have been creating natural alternatives for the beauty and skincare products that we wear on our skin instead of the synthetic products that are ubiquitous on store shelves.

Tania Reuben created Pure Natural Diva five years ago to help people live a natural eco-savvy lifestyle.  Her website has all kinds of useful information on cooking, cleaning, travel, and even parenting that emphasize sustainable and safer living with fewer synthetic chemicals.

Pure Natural Diva Botanicals

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More than a year ago, Tania launched Pure Natural Diva Botanicals. PND products include natural and organic perfumes, body products and soaps.


Tania developed a line of organic perfumes that are crafted by hand in micro-batches from naturally sourced ingredients such as essential oils, absolutes, minerals, and tinctures. Since then, her perfumes have been featured twice in Women’s Wear Daily, and she was called a “maverick” by Frangantica.com. Awesome.

Pure Natural Diva Perfumes

For me, fragrances (and wines!) are a little difficult to write about because words are the stand-ins for the scents themselves. So I will use the descriptions that Tania wrote to describe her scents.

  • Pure: “A green citrus. Like your favorite spa. Sensually uplifting like a sunny day in a mixed field of lemongrass and lavender. Notes include uplifting cassie, lavender, soothing chamomile, lemon, lime, and Egyptian neroli.”
  • Natural: “A light citrus floral. Fresh and inviting. Imagine a picnic in a rose-bordered citrus grove. Notes include a hint of clary sage, exalting pink grapefruit, Moroccan rose, and soothing ylang ylang.”
  • Diva: “A spicy vanilla. Full of soul, spicy, sultry, and mysterious. Notes include natural musk derived from the ambrette seed, a sinfully smooth New Caledonian sandalwood, blended together in lusciously robust vanilla.”
  • Elixir: “A citrus vanilla. Sensurally uplifting – as delicious as a lingering morning with an ocean view. Notes include aphrodisiacal vanilla, a hint of oak moss, exquisite osmanthus married with rejuvenating pink grapefruit and red mandarin.”

Pure and Natural are lighter, fresher, greener scents. Both are perfect for spring and summer. Regardless of the season, I’m a fan of big, deeper scents, and Elixir and Diva both fit the bill! No wonder: they both are vanilla based, and Diva has musk, an ingredient that works with my body chemistry to make a scent longer-lasting.

The perfume comes in three options:

  • 5 ml To Go Spray: $40
  • 50 ml Signature Bottle: $100
  • 4 scent sampler: $16 for 4 sample size vials.
Pure Natural Diva Botanicals Perfume

credit: Pure Natural Diva

I was amazed to find out that at least 30% of Americans have fragrance allergies and even more are sensitive to fragrances. In fact, a friend told me she doesn’t wear scent because her husband can’t tolerate the smell. Yesterday, Jeff, my SO, told me he couldn’t stand it when women he dated years ago wore perfume. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to mind when I wear them. For those who are sensitive to synthetic fragrances, who develop headaches or allergies to traditional manufactured scents, 100% natural Pure Natural Diva Botanicals scents may be just the thing.

Whipped Body Butter

I also received a small sample of Whipped Body Butter in the Elixir scent to try out. The body butter is so hydrating for my super-dry skin. The fragrance is gorgeous. It is subtle on the skin. But OMG, the scented body butter layered with the perfume is absolutely divine! LOVE it!

Pure Natural Diva Whipped Body Butter

The Whipped Body Butter comes in the four perfume scents. It is crafted with shea butter and organic coconut oil. Each contains 87% organic content, and it comes in a 4 oz. glass jar for $30.

Heart-shaped Soaps

If you follow my blog, you know that I adore all things heart-shaped. I was so happy that Tania sent me a heart-shaped soap in the Diva scent to try. Love, love, love.

Pure Natural Diva Soap, Diva scent

This soap is so pretty that for several weeks, I just looked at it. It was too pretty to use. But I finally broke down and tried it. It makes just enough lather, and it is not drying to my skin. The Diva scent is very subtle.

Pure Natural Diva soap, scent Diva

The organic soaps also come in the four signature scents. Pure, Natural and Diva soaps are $10, and Elixir is $12 per bar.

Other Products

I haven’t tried them yet, but Pure Natural Diva Botanicals also makes:

  • body and room spray
  • organic body and hand wash
  • organic body lotion

in three scents: Pure, Natural and Diva.

Two additional products, Organic Sugar Scrub and Bath Soak, come in the four scents.

I noticed organic cold pressed Argan Oil on the website, and a recently noticed that another blogger reviewed facial moisturizer. There are also lovely gift sets on the website.

So if you are trying to avoid synthetic chemicals especially in the products you use on your skin, or if you are allergic to manufactured scents, or if you just love artisan-made products, check out Pure Natural Diva natural and organic products.



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60 thoughts on “Pure Natural Diva Botanicals

    • I agree with you, Amber! I do love those two scents, and Elixir when layered with the matching body butter is amazing. The Diva scent is so unique!

  1. Sounds like a lovely line! I’m always trying to find good natural products. I think skin care products are a lot easier to find than natural hair care products.

    The heart shaped bar is really sweet!

    MonicaP recently posted…A long hot weekendMy Profile

    • Actually, stay tuned, Monica. I just bought Briogeo Be Gentle Be Kind shampoo and it finally arrived yesterday. It is made from 96% natural ingredients and has none of the ingredients that I try to avoid. I will try it today, and I’ll be reviewing it on the blog soon.

      Regarding Pure Natural Diva, the whipped body butter is incredible!

    • Thank you, Monica, for pointing out the bad link. All fixed! Yes, I received the samples and it is a great way to determine what works for you. I love Elixir and Diva, but I tend to go for big scents. Pure and Natural are lovely green, fresh scents that I know other people love!

    • The products are really high quality, Aleya. I love the soap, but my personal faves on the scent are Elixir & Diva. Everyone has their own scent preferences, don’t they!

    • So interesting how we’re all different, Cindy. On me, they weren’t “strong” enough, meaning they aren’t long-lasting unless I layer with the lotion. But then, I like big fragrances.

    • Yes, Pure and Natural scents that are used in the body care products are more gender neutral, though basically it strikes me as a women’s line. However, if you chose to wear them, they most likely would not give your husband headaches.

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