Groupon for Beauty Product Deals: Jesse’s Girl, L.A. Girl, Michael Todd

Groupon for Beauty Product Deals: Jesse’s Girl, L.A. Girl, Michael Todd

Groupon and Living Social both send me all kinds of deals on massages, facials, botox, manicures, pedicures, laser treatments, hair cuts and color.  Lots of different beauty services. But lately I’ve been noticing more beauty products being sold at good … Continue reading

FOTD: Quick Everyday No-Makeup Makeup Look

FOTD: Quick Everyday No-Makeup Makeup Look

The no-makeup makeup look seems to be everywhere at the NYFW. I grew up during one of the first no-makeup times, so it’s very familiar to me. Though I can’t say it’s my favorite, it is one that I turn … Continue reading

My Guest Post on Skinny Coconut Oil on Tips for Natural Beauty Blog

Recently, I had the opportunity to write my first guest post on another beauty blog!! I got to try out and review a new product and write a guest post on Tips For Natural Beauty, a blog by Dima Al … Continue reading

FOTD: Red and My First Attempt at False Eyelashes

I’m laughing really hard right now. Can you hear me? I’m headed to the beach this afternoon because the weather is absolutely gorgeous for a change. But I’m going to the beach with a full face of makeup and false eyelashes, … Continue reading

Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup: 17 March 2014

Hey gals, Hope you’re having a good weekend so far. I’m a little disappointed that the weather is still so gloomy. I was about to head out for a jog, but it looks like rain. So down to the basement … Continue reading

My Easy Valentine’s Nail Look

I admire all the girls who can do fancy manis. I can’t. I am manicure-challenged. I can do OK on my right hand, but forget my left. I’m a lefty and I can’t do anything much with my right hand. … Continue reading

Pilfered Beauty Tip: An Easy Way to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

OK, I have to come clean. I didn’t come up with this idea myself. Not at all. Yesterday, I visited a bunch of beauty blogs, and I read a post about an easier way to apply liquid eyeliner from Gio, … Continue reading

Milani Anti-Feathering Transparent Lipliner

My friend Miriam told me I should review Dior’s universal lipliner. I loved the idea of not having to have a million matching lipliner pencils like I have now. So I went to Sephora to check it out, and I … Continue reading

NYC HD Color Eye Shadow Trio: Long Beach Sands

Recently, I received my first VoxBox from #Influenster — the Holly Jolly VoxBox — a box full of edible and non-edible goodies.                           There were two makeup items … Continue reading

Tightlining Your Eyes: Do You Do It?

One way to make your eyes look bigger and more pronounced in a more subtle way is to tightline your eyes. Some people call tightlining “invisible eyeliner”. Actually, tightlining is a technique that makes your lashes look fuller, so you … Continue reading

Wine Time: NYC ‘Mahogany’ Ultra Moist LipWear

Wine, oxblood, crimson, maroon, black cherry — whatever you’d like to call it — is hot for this fall and winter. I don’t usually wear dark shades, but I felt the need to get on the bandwagon. Because I don’t … Continue reading

Autumn Eye and Lip Look

I’m not a makeup artist, so I really don’t do makeup tutorials. But from time to time, I come up with a look that I like that I think is worth sharing. So I’d like to share this autumn look. … Continue reading

My Quest for the Perfect Nude: Milani for Lips & Nails

For a couple of years, I’ve been on the hunt for a nude lipstick that would look good on me. I’m pretty colorful, so I thought a nude lip might provide some balance with the red color of my hair … Continue reading

Estee Lauder Picture Me Online Event

On Friday, Estée Lauder was holding an event at my local Macy’s called “Picture Me Online”. A couple of weeks ago, I made an appointment to participate. I wasn’t sure what the event was all about, I just knew that … Continue reading