Beauty Blog Coalition Weekly Roundup: 17 March 2014

Hey gals, Hope you’re having a good weekend so far. I’m a little disappointed that the weather is still so gloomy. I was about to head out for a jog, but it looks like rain. So down to the basement … Continue reading

My Easy Valentine’s Nail Look

I admire all the girls who can do fancy manis. I can’t. I am manicure-challenged. I can do OK on my right hand, but forget my left. I’m a lefty and I can’t do anything much with my right hand. … Continue reading

Pilfered Beauty Tip: An Easy Way to Apply Liquid Eyeliner

OK, I have to come clean. I didn’t come up with this idea myself. Not at all. Yesterday, I visited a bunch of beauty blogs, and I read a post about an easier way to apply liquid eyeliner from Gio, … Continue reading

Milani Anti-Feathering Transparent Lipliner

My friend Miriam told me I should review Dior’s universal lipliner. I loved the idea of not having to have a million matching lipliner pencils like I have now. So I went to Sephora to check it out, and I … Continue reading

NYC HD Color Eye Shadow Trio: Long Beach Sands

Recently, I received my first VoxBox from #Influenster — the Holly Jolly VoxBox — a box full of edible and non-edible goodies.                           There were two makeup items … Continue reading

Tightlining Your Eyes: Do You Do It?

One way to make your eyes look bigger and more pronounced in a more subtle way is to tightline your eyes. Some people call tightlining “invisible eyeliner”. Actually, tightlining is a technique that makes your lashes look fuller, so you … Continue reading

Wine Time: NYC ‘Mahogany’ Ultra Moist LipWear

Wine, oxblood, crimson, maroon, black cherry — whatever you’d like to call it — is hot for this fall and winter. I don’t usually wear dark shades, but I felt the need to get on the bandwagon. Because I don’t … Continue reading

Autumn Eye and Lip Look

I’m not a makeup artist, so I really don’t do makeup tutorials. But from time to time, I come up with a look that I like that I think is worth sharing. So I’d like to share this autumn look. … Continue reading

My Quest for the Perfect Nude: Milani for Lips & Nails

For a couple of years, I’ve been on the hunt for a nude lipstick that would look good on me. I’m pretty colorful, so I thought a nude lip might provide some balance with the red color of my hair … Continue reading

Estee Lauder Picture Me Online Event

On Friday, Estée Lauder was holding an event at my local Macy’s called “Picture Me Online”. A couple of weeks ago, I made an appointment to participate. I wasn’t sure what the event was all about, I just knew that … Continue reading

Anti-aging Makeup Application Tips from Daily Glow

No one really ever taught me how to apply my makeup. I didn’t have a sister. My mother wasn’t that into it. I picked things up along the way, primarily from reading magazines, occasionally from makeup artists at Georgette Klinger … Continue reading

Lip Tips with a White Pencil: How to Make Your Lips Look Fuller

  Last winter, I did a post about how to look more awake with white eyeliner. Some women may find that look a little jarring, but I really like it. If it’s too much for you, try the white pencil … Continue reading

DIY Foot Soak and Advice on Facial Skincare from My Esthetician

The most successful post by far on Never Say Die Beauty’s Facebook fanpage is a recipe for a DIY foot soak and dead skin/callous remover. (Check out the NSDB FB page if you haven’t already!) I’ve gotten lots and lots … Continue reading

Skincare Ingredient Glossary and Ingredient-Based Product Recommendations

Allure is a great source of information for me on all things beauty. I often turn to Allure for new product information, product recommendations, how-to tips, and what’s new in anti-aging. Skincare Glossary Recently at, I found a terrific … Continue reading

Five under $5: My Favorite Super-Affordable Beauty Buys

There’s not much you can buy these days for $5 or less. But I’ve come up with five beauty products that I think are really great buys.   1.  essence gel-look topcoat You’re probably tired of me singing the praises … Continue reading

Beach Makeup

When I used to have a share in a house on Fire Island (one of the places New Yorkers go to get out of the city in the summer) back in the day, I used to be amazed at how … Continue reading