Natracare Cleansing Make-up Removal Wipes vs Forever 21 Cocoa Shea Butter Wipes

Natracare Cleansing Make-up Removal Wipes vs Forever 21 Cocoa Shea Butter Wipes

A couple of months ago I decided to try some inexpensive cleansing wipes from Forever 21 at the recommendation from a fellow blogger. The store didn’t have any of the lavender cleansing wipes she mentioned, so I went with the … Continue reading

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Supporting Research

Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Supporting Research

Unfortunately, breast cancer hits close to home for so many of us. I have several friends who recently battled breast cancer and won, thankfully. Twenty years ago, my dad wasn’t so lucky. He was one of the 2% of men, … Continue reading

Winner of the NeoCell Giveaway and NeoCell Hydra +HA Serum Review

Winner of the NeoCell Giveaway and NeoCell Hydra +HA Serum Review

NeoCell Biotin Bursts & Hyaluronic Acid Giveaway The giveaway results first! Woo hoo! Congratulations to Melissa C., the winner of the NeoCell giveaway in which the winner can choose either Biotin Bursts or Hyaluronic Acid Blueberry Liquid.  In her comment, … Continue reading

My Guest Post on Skinny Coconut Oil on Tips for Natural Beauty Blog

Recently, I had the opportunity to write my first guest post on another beauty blog!! I got to try out and review a new product and write a guest post on Tips For Natural Beauty, a blog by Dima Al … Continue reading

NeoCell Giveaway Winners & “Fresh Picks” May 2014 ipsy Bag

First things first. Congratulations to Laura R. who won first prize in the NeoCell Collagen & Beauty Bursts giveaway. And woo hoo to Kim A. who was second prize winner, the Collagen Beauty Builder. I have sent emails to both winners. … Continue reading

Giveaway: NeoCell Collagen +HA and Beauty Bursts

A couple of months ago, I had an opportunity from NeoCell to try two of their products: NeoCell Fish Collagen +HA (hyaluronic acid) and NeoCell Beauty Bursts. I’ve been using topical hyaluronic acid for over a year now, and it has made … Continue reading

Aveeno Eczema Therapy Moisturizing Cream

Every summer, I get exfoliative keratolysis, peeling of the skin on my thumbs. Like clockwork, red, dry blisters appear on my thumbs. They get hard like callouses, split, and then the skin peels off. Fortunately, it’s not painful except when … Continue reading

Sunscreen and UV Protection Future Breakthrough via Daily Glow

Breaking News: Sunscreen and UV Protection in a Pill from Daily Glow Truth be told, I detest wearing sunscreen. Since I usually go for the mineral based sunscreen, I am always applying heavy creams. In the hot weather, they make … Continue reading

Finally, A Great Facial

Back in in the day, my college roommate introduced me to Georgette Klinger, a day spa before before the term “day spa” came into being. Georgette Klinger, an immigrant from what is now The Czech Republic, started her career by … Continue reading

8 Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home – Daily Glow

8 Beauty Treatments You Can Do at Home – Skin Care Tips – Skin & Beauty – Daily Glow. In the summer, it seems even easier to take ingredients that I have at home and mix them up into potions … Continue reading

Is Your Face Cleansing Brush Doing More Harm Than Good? – HuffPost; Should I Buy One?

Is Your Face Cleansing Brush Doing More Harm Than Good? Derms Address This Beauty Myth. I have been seriously wanting a Clarisonic Mia Cleansing Brush or any of its sisters for ages now. Like my electric toothbrush, it works via … Continue reading

Alba Botanica Natural Products

Alba Botanica is a brand that consists of affordable natural personal care, hair care and skincare products that are made in the U.S. The brand is a division of Avalon Natural Products, and both Avalon and Alba are owned by … Continue reading

Foundation Makeup: Friend or Foe?

For most of my life, I didn’t wear foundation. I was lucky that I always had “good skin” with few breakouts, rosy cheeks and a few freckles. I couldn’t understand why I would want to wear foundation. I thought it … Continue reading

Skin Benefits of Avocado, or Justification for Eating Guacamole (recipe included)

In spite of the fact that my team, the Patriots, didn’t make it into the Super Bowl this year (tear), we’ll watch the big game. And that means guacamole. Did you know that Americans eat about 8 million pounds of … Continue reading