Peach & Green Spring Fantasy

Some might call this “ode to the Miami Dolphins”, but I love peach and mint green or aqua. They’re good redhead colors. And after a long winter, I love flowers especially on a rainy, windy, blustery day like today. I am so ready to wear spring clothes, but it’s not quite spring yet here in Massachusetts.

So I turned to Polyvore. On Polyvore, I can wear anything I want.

Peach & Green Spring Fantasy
I must check out that floral skirt from Ted Baker, $215 on
and the flowered bag by Dolce Gabbana for a mere $895! Well, maybe I’ll settle for the Deborah Lippman “Spring Reveries” collection at $18 a bottle. Or maybe just the Etched Bangle set for $5.80 at Forever 21.  It’s probably more in my price range 😉
So what about you, what are your favorite shades for spring? Have you picked up anything new that you’re eager to wear?

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7 thoughts on “Peach & Green Spring Fantasy

    • Thanks, Monica, for explaining the acronym. I was wracking my brain. Actually, I will go and look at that skirt that you suggest. I would love one floral piece, and other than Lilly Pulitzer prints which I put in a different category, I don’t have any! 🙂

    • Thanks, Kiss&Makeup! I have to give yellow more of a chance, I guess. I’m more about peach, mint, pink and blue lol. Have a great trip!

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