Beauty Bloggers Favorite Product Picks for 2013

In case you have gift cards burning a hole in your pocket, here are a whole bunch of recommendations and photos of Beauty Bloggers favorite products from 2013. Take a look!…/beauty-awards-2013/

Now, tell me which are your favorite makeup products from 2013?? Mine was the Urban Decay Revolution Holiday Lipstick Set: 3 classic reds and 3 classic nudes!

UD Revolution miniset

And which of the Beauty Bloggers’ favorites did you put on your Wish List??

Happy New Year!!  And stay warm if you’re in the north of the US 😉

xo Allison

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2 thoughts on “Beauty Bloggers Favorite Product Picks for 2013

    • Thank you, Tina! I do think they’re great. I wore F-Bomb on New Year’s Eve, and I’ve been wearing Protest for the past 2 days :)

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