Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel: Manicure Savior?

Today’s product review is from my friend, Sybille: fashionista, beauty product aficionado, and guest writer. Born in Germany but living in the U.S. for quite a while now, Sybille still keeps up with German publications, and her product recommendation comes from something she recently read in a German magazine. Sybille always finds cool stuff. A few months ago, she told me about a Korean product she liked, Kiss Me Heroine Make Mineral BB Cream, and we sort of wrote it up together. This time, I was thrilled when she said she’d review a new product she recently tried: Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel. Here’s Sybille’s own review:


I always see the friendly neighborhood banker’s shiny manicure when she enters my office deposits into her computer, and, I’m not going to lie, I eye it enviously! My own manicures look great for three days at the most, then they slowly start to wear off the tips or chip. I suspect the banker has professional shellac manicures which I would consider getting as a treat but not on a regular basis.


Enter my newest find: Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel.


I recently spotted this product in a German magazine called “Gala” which is similar to People Magazine. The short description praised the high gloss shine and manicure extending protective coverage, comparing it to a professional gel manicure. I immediately googled the product and found it on a Neiman Marcus sponsored website called ““. It was $23.00 with free shipping so I placed an order. accepts all major credit cards as well as the Neiman Marcus store card. $23.00 admittedly sounds extravagant for a top coat polish but I figured that it would last up to a year, making the investment definitely worth it in the long run. A shellac manicure costs at least $20.00 which also influenced my decision.


Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel is excellent! I am very happy with it and can highly recommend it. The brush is much wider than the ones that come with nail polish, so one quick swipe covers the entire nail. The shine is brilliant like glass. The surface of the nail appears smooth and perfect.
It dries slightly faster than an ordinary top coat but there is not a significant difference. I definitely recommend to let the polish dry thoroughly before applying the top coat as a final step. I also always swipe the polish as well as the top coat across the edge of the tips which seems to slow down the way polish tends to wear off the top of the nail. The photo above shows my manicure with Essie Protein Base Coat, Essie Lapiz of Luxury polish, and Le Top Coat Gel after six days! I have received several compliments already, including one from the banker I used to envy.

[easyreview title=”Product Rating” cat1title=”Ease of application” cat1detail=”Easy with one stroke wide brush” cat1rating=”5.0″ cat2title=”Manicure protection” cat2detail=”Great!” cat2rating=”5.0″ cat3title=”The Look” cat3detail=”High gloss shine” cat3rating=”5.0″ cat4title=”Price/value” cat4detail=”High price but good long-term investment” cat4rating=”4.5″ summary=”Great product, my nails look great, the manicure lasts!” icon=”bluestar”]

Well, Sybille’s got me convinced! It sounds like Guerlain Le Top Coat Gel is worth the splurge. So, if you decide to try it or if you have already tried it, please let us know if it worked for you!


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