How to Buy Beauty Products on Never Say Die Beauty

My cousin Lois, one of my loyal subscribers, suggested that I apply to join the Amazon Associates program, and I was accepted. The program gives me the opportunity to “sell” products via Amazon on my website. For products that are purchased through Never Say Die Beauty, I can earn between 4-8.5% based on the volume of products sold. Clearly I won’t get rich doing this, but every little bit helps! Also, it gives visitors to the site the opportunity to buy products quickly and easily by clicking on links.

I want to make clear that Amazon and any other affiliates I may join in the future do not tell me which products to mention or review. Nor will I write positive reviews on any product to encourage you to purchase it. All reviews are my own opinions, and some will be raves and others may be products I found disappointing. In addition, I will continue to mention sales at retailers other than Amazon that you may want to take advantage of.

You are under no obligation to purchase any beauty products through my site. Frankly, when I am trying a beauty product for the first time, I often like to buy it at a bricks & mortar store where I can try on a sample. That said, I often repurchase the product through Amazon because I have found that Amazon and its vendors frequently have the lowest prices. Finally, any purchases from my site are anonymous, so I will not know who purchased and who didn’t.

I set up a page on my site, How to Buy, that explains the procedure. You can always find it by going to the black bar toward the top of the site that reads: Home…About the Blog… Beauty Q&A…How to Buy etc. Click on “How to Buy”, and it will take you to the page with the instructions. But here’s a quick roadmap:

  • If you go directly to Never Say Die Beauty via the URL, you will be on the Homepage or Blogroll. On the righthand side, you will see the sidebar. Under my photo and About Me, you will see a black & white Amazon box that features a product that Amazon changes from time to time. If that product appeals to you, you can purchase it by clicking on the pink link. It will open a new Amazon window with all the product info.
  • Under the black & white box, you’ll see a red & orange Amazon Search box with 3 products shown. Again if you like any of the 3 products, click on them and, you’ll be taken to a new window where you can learn more about them. Or at the top of that box, there’s a blank search area where you can type in the name of any brand or beauty product, and if Amazon sells it, it will show up in the box. Click on it, and it will take you to the Amazon site to learn more or to buy it.
  • Lastly, in all of my blogposts that mention products sold on Amazon, you will see that the brand/product name will be shown in pink, a live link. If you click on the product name/link, it will open a new window on Amazon with product details, pricing, and again the opportunity to purchase it.
  • If you receive my blogposts by email and you arrive at Never Say Die Beauty by clicking “Read More” on the email, you must click on “Home” on the black toolbar or click on the blogpost title to see the Amazon product boxes in the sidebar on the right. In addition, if you are viewing the blog on an iPad or tablet or on an iPhone or smartphone, you will find the Amazon boxes by scrolling down to the bottom.

Thank you, and please contact me with any questions or comments.

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