March 2014 Ipsy Bag: A Little Lighter Than Usual

I’m not doing a little video of my Ipsy bag this month. There were only 4 items inside, and they weren’t even mostly full size. So I think a photo will suffice.

I Bought This

March 2014 Ipsy bag

One of the things I liked the most in the March, Destination Beauty bag, was the makeup bag it came in.

March 2014 Destination Beauty Ipsy Bag

I love bright colored patterns, and the makeup bag fits the bill. It reminds me of a painting that my aunt has in her foyer by the mid-20th century artist, Albert Alcalay.

Albert Alcalay painting

Funny, because the print on the makeup bag is from current day artist, Klari Reis’ geography-based series, “Street Anatomy”, and it references San Francisco. I know Reis must have seen Alcalay’s work. Alcalay was certainly inspired by cities, mostly New York City. So I love the bag, and I’ll use it a lot.

The Destination Beauty bag that I received contained:

  • Chella indigo blue liquid felt tip liner
  • Pixi Flawless Beauty Primer
  • NYX Love in Rio eye shadow palette, shimmery white, shimmery grey and matte black
  • Bare Minerals lipstick in Marvelous Moxie.

The Chella felt tip liner is very nice. The indigo blue shade is lovely and unique. The blue shade helps to give the eye the appearance of being whiter. Felt tip is the easiest liquid liner for a klutz like me. And this one is easy to use with its very fine tip, and my right eye looked terrific!

Chella Liquid Felt Tip Eyeliner, indigo

Unfortunately, the way my eyelashes grow on my left eyelid makes it hard for me to use anything besides a slant tip brush to apply liner well. But I definitely recommend this liner: for most people it will be super-easy to use, and the indigo shade is GORGEOUS!

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie lipstick Chella blue indigo Liquid Eyeliner

Next, I adore the Bare Minerals lipstick. I’ve never tried BM color cosmetics, just the foundations and blush. The promotional materials that came with it said, “Life is short. Wear bright lipstick.” Well, I wouldn’t exactly call Marvelous Moxie bright (I’d call Milani Intense liquid lipsticks bright!). Instead, it’s a beautiful, shiny deep pink-red. It’s very lightweight, neither hydrating nor drying, and it lasts for a few hours without eating or drinking. It has no taste or scent. The only negative is that it’s a sample, a mini-lipstick, rather than full-size. Disappointing. It came with an offer: receive a free Lash Domination 10-in-1 Volumizing Mascara sample and get free shipping on your purchase.

The NYX Love in Rio was a small 3 shade palette in a cute little black package with a black plastic bow to open and close the package. Very cute. I used the shades the other night to create a smoky eye, and though a smoky eye is just too much eye makeup for me at this stage of the game, it was a good palette for that. Mostly, I’ll use the white and grey shimmery shadows, and the black will make a nice eyeliner with my slanted liner brush.

NYX Love in Rio eyeshadow palette

Ipsy March 2014 face

Above, I’m wearing the Bare Minerals lipstick and the white and grey shadows from NYX Love in Rio palette.

Finally, this is the first Pixi product I will try. Since I usually wear CC cream, I haven’t actually used the Pixi primer yet. I tried some on the back of my hand and it is very smooth, less watery than the Bare Minerals primer I usually use. I will try it maybe tomorrow with my new liquid foundation (review coming soon!).

So, that’s it. A quick go-through this month. The only full-size product was the eyeliner. Nevertheless, it’s still worth $10. And I will use all the products and the bag that I received.

Ipsy announced that they will be doing more special offers during the month. I hope that’s not instead of full-size products or more products. Let’s see what the April Ipsy Bag has in store. And like I always say, if you are inspired to join, I hope you’ll consider doing it through this link so I can get credit for bringing you in.

If you subscribe, what did you get in your March Destination Beauty Ipsy Bag? What did you think?

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16 thoughts on “March 2014 Ipsy Bag: A Little Lighter Than Usual

  1. I got the Pixi primer & lipstick too. It does have a nice consistency. I’m thinking about mixing it with my foundation as well as trying it as a primer. I like the lipstick. It’s pretty. I also received a Be A Bombshell quad that is super pretty & the blue colored nail polish from the OPI Roughles collection. (I think that’s what it’s called.) Anyway, I love polish but don’t really like textured polishes. I’ll try it but will probably give it away. The bag was really cute too! Overall, I enjoy Ipsy. 🙂

    • I’m glad that you got a good bag this month, Natalie. I’ve never tried textured polish so that would’ve been fun to receive. And the NYX palette was the right shades for me, but I’ve never tried BAB’s eye shadows, so I would’ve like to have tried them. And as I mentioned I really like the lipstick and the eyeliner, so I think it was another good month. Actually, I think I sold my items short: the Love in Rio palette was a “full size” product, and I guess the Pixi primer was too…so 3 of 4 products were full-size. Not bad for 10 bucks!

    • I haven’t seen the Klorane eye mask. I try not to peak at other people’s ipsy reviews till I get mine, lol, so it’s a surprise! I haven’t tried Bombshell shadows so I would’ve liked that but the NYX Love in Rio palette shade suit me so I shouldn’t complain. Glad you were satisfied with your first month, Amber!

  2. I signed up for Birchbox and all they sent so far are small samples, nothing full-sized, no make-up bags. It’s $10 a month as well and I think I will cancel it. I love the eye shadow trio and the cool make-up bag you received. Last month Birchbox had the nerve to include one of those eye shadow sample strips you’d find for free in magazines. I may have to switch to Ipsy LOL

    • Sybille, I did realize that Birchbox decreased their price to $10. I’m pretty sure they used to be about $20. Getting a shadow sample strip is unforgivable, lol! By and large, I have been quite happy with Ipsy. I use the majority of the products I received, and I always have a use the for the cute little bags. 🙂

  3. My bag was , as you described..a little on the light side. My lipstick ;bare mineral marvelous Moxie color was ; Get Ready (?) It was a good color for me. The eye shadows were more my color this time; I got brown,shimmer gold and a nude shimmer. Pixi primer and Chella blue indigo eye liner were also in my bag…and I too LOVE the bag the most! I wish I knew how to attach the photo of the Alcalay painting in mom’s foyer..(I was there today so I snapped it)..Ill send it to you 🙂

    • I know I was in a complaining mood, Lois, but when I gave it more thought the NYX Love in Rio palette was the same size as the ones in the store and the Pixi primer actually was the same size as any primer I would buy. I guess I was used to getting more “big stuff”. At any rate, I love the lipstick and wish it was bigger. I may have to break down and buy it one day. (Actually, I should look on the Ipsy website and see if there’s a discount for it!). And not sure if you use eyeliner, but I think that shade would be awesome with your navy blue dress (the one you wore to Strauss’ event last year)! I’m glad you got the right shades of shadows for you, this time, yay! And I would love it if you can send me the photo of your mom’s Alcalay. Doesn’t it look like the bag’s print? And glad you had a good end of winter vacay!

    • Thanks, Saanvi. I also really really like the lipstick. I’m not familiar with MUA cosmetics, but I’ll keep an eye out.

    • Thanks, Gio! The eyeliner and the lipstick and the bag itself were my faves this month! Ipsy is such a good deal. Even though I complain from time to time, you get so much for so little. I wish they delivered to Europe so you could check it out too 😉

  4. I love ipsy! I loved how they used a local artist to design the March 2014 bag! For my March bag I received the BareMinerals lipstick, Chella eyeliner, Bora eyeshadow quad, and a luxury tan. For $10 per month with free shipping you get 4-5 high end cosmetics with a cute reusable makeup bag! A fun way to treat yourself every month on a budget.

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