Mermaid Nail Polish Shades: Deborah Lippman & Pure Ice

With the continued cool, actually cold, weather in Massachusetts, I am longing for the beach! Will beach days ever arrive?

I’m making up for it with mermaid nail polish.

Ariel, Disney's The Little Mermaid

credit: The Little Mermaid, Disney Studios

Pure Ice “Watch Me Go”

Recently Influenster, a website that sends out themed goody boxes from manufacturers who wish to promote their brands among social media influencers, posted a contest on their site. Take an in-store photo of Pure Ice Nail Polish as well as the mani you create from one of the Pure Ice polishes and post it on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. Because I was going to Walmart anyway to buy stuff for my garden, I took the bait. There were two free-standing Pure Ice displays as well as a shelf of polish. I was surprised because this brand was new to me. Did I say that it was priced at $1.97? And they had a zillion enticing shades.


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I had a difficult time choosing because there were so many that I liked. But I limited myself to one in spite of the low price. First time trying it, after all. I bought “Watch Me Go”, a deep teal with teal shimmer. It looked to me like an opaque polish with tiny pieces of shimmer throughout the polish.


I took it for a spin tonight. The first coat had me really concerned. It looked like sea water with shimmery bits, meaning almost transparent. Not what I expected. I thought it would have an opaque dark teal base. No, it doesn’t. However, it is buildable. Applying a second coat deepened the color significantly. Now it’s a smooth, shiny, medium teal with shimmer. Very pretty. It might have gotten even darker with the third coat, but it was very mermaid-like at two coats. Reminded me of Ariel a lot.

Pure Ice Nail Polish, "Watch Me"

Pure Ice Nail Polishes come in over 100 shades, and many of them are very beautiful and certainly on-trend. I’ve heard that the brand is owned by Revlon. It is 3-free: free of toluene, DBT and formaldehyde. IMHO,”Watch Me Go” is a beautiful shade well worth $1.97.

Deborah Lippmann “Mermaid Dreams”

When I bought Pure Ice “Watch Me Go”, I forgot all about the fact that I owned Deborah Lippmann “Mermaid Dreams”, that came with the Holiday 2013 Limited Edition Collection that I bought on HSN in December and reviewed a while back.

Deborah Lippman Nail Lacquer, "Mermaid's Dream"

Thankfully, when I got Pure Ice “Watch Me Go” back home and looked at the two bottles, “Mermaid Dreams” looked completely different. “Mermaid Dreams” is a much lighter shade, more like sea foam green, and it is contains tiny individual shimmer bits of deep blue, teal and gold. It’s gorgeous even in the bottle.

It also requires two coats, as do just about all polishes, to look the way it’s supposed to look. Because of the larger, more individualized shimmer/glitter pieces, it has a more textured surface than Pure Ice “Watch Me Go”, but with Deborah Lippmann Topcoat on top, it felt smooth and glossy though it retained its more textured look.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Lacquer, Mermaid's Dream

“Mermaid’s Dream” is cruelty-free, and 5-free. It’s priced at about $20, and it’s available at Sephora and Nordstrom. Deborah Lippmann polishes are also sold at Barney’s and Ulta.

Which do you prefer? They are actually completely different, and I like ’em both. Do you own any mermaid-inspired polishes that I should know about?

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58 thoughts on “Mermaid Nail Polish Shades: Deborah Lippman & Pure Ice

    • :D, Sue! You should try it. Some gals paint on a solid color polish, including either white or black, and then paint designs or pictures on top with other polish or acrylic paints. As an artist, you’d be a natural at it!

    • Or the look you’re going for, Monica, as they are actually quite different from each other: shiny vs. textured, darker vs. lighter, shimmer vs. color glitter etc. But you’re right, the price is certainly a key differentiator!

    • This was the first Pure Ice polish I have ever tried, and so far I’ve had good luck with it, especially for the price. The DL polish is just gorgeous!

  1. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to purchase Deborah Lippman polishes. I have purchased a couple, but I can’t buy any unless it is absolutely compelling. I find it odd that I can’t, given I buy just about any other polish. I know I don’t have a dislike of DL polishes because I’ve purchased a couple.

    Maybe it’s because I have so many others I have yet to actually try? I don’t know.

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