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Michael Todd True Organics Anti-aging Face Lift: A Failure for Me

A few weeks ago, my favorite Australian beauty blogger reviewed a few skincare products by Michael Todd. I believe it was a cleanser and a face mask, and there might have been a third product. The comments on the blogpost were quite positive about Michael Todd products. Someone mentioned that they had bought it from a Groupon certificate.

That was the first time I heard about the brand. But organic skincare gets my attention. Because whatever you put on your skin gets absorbed, it is important to know what you’re putting on and at least be aware of what you’re choosing. I don’t always use organic products, but I do always read the ingredient list and most of the time, I think before I purchase‚Ķmost of the time.

So a couple of weeks pass, and lo and behold, I noticed Michael Todd True Organics Anti-aging Face Lift on LivingSocial. The certificate was for $25, and the regular price of the product was $150. I have never paid over a hundred dollars for a skincare product or for a makeup product. I’m not in that league. Plus, there was an additional 10% off and I guess they rounded it off, and the certificate cost $22. I decided to go for it: organic, prestige brand, moisturizer, sounds good. I went to to order with my LS certificate, and I paid $5 for delivery, so $27 total. The product was delivered in a matter of days.


The box that it arrived in was substantial and color-coordinated with the jar.

Michael Todd Organic Anti-aging Face Lift

Michael Todd Anti-aging Face Lift

On the inside of the box flap right above the jar, there was the ingredient list in big letters. That was quite a unique presentation! It gave the impression that they have nothing to hide in their ingredient list. In fact, the product has some very impressive ingredients including the snail secretion filtrate (turns out a number of beauty products contain this ingredient)!

Michael Todd Anti-aging Face Lift

One thing that I did notice about the ingredients was a circle on the jar that states that 70% of the ingredients are of organic origin. Frankly, I was expecting more than 70% of the ingredients to be organic. Oh well.

Michael Todd True Organics Anti-aging Face Lift

As you can see, Michael Todd Anti-aging Face Lift comes in a jar. Although I have been a lifelong fan of moisturizer in a jar, I’m beginning to drink the Kool-Aid and wonder why more brands don’t put their moisturizers in pumps to maintain the effectiveness of the ingredients. Some moisturizers are too thick for a pump, I get that. But not this one. It is surprisingly thin, almost soupy.

Michael Todd Anti-aging Face Lift

I applied a thin film on my face, neck and eyes (it says to put it around the eyes). I began to experience an almost immediate tightening. It felt a little weird, actually. And I didn’t see any lifting, unfortunately. Instead of a smooth, moisturized feeling to my skin, it felt a little rough (I’m not sure how to describe it.) Next, I put on my Lumene CC Cream.

It was a busy Saturday. I drove out to see an elderly friend, and ended up driving in heavy snowfall and I missed the exit, grrrr. I stayed longer than I planned to, hoping that the snow would stop. It didn’t, and I drove back in heavier, accumulated snow. Ugh. An hour or so later, we headed out to a nearby casual party. I probably should’ve washed my face and reapplied my makeup, but I didn’t think I needed to. We hung out at the party till after 10.

Around 11pm, I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was horrified that my makeup/CC cream actually broke on my face, especially under my eyes. OMG, I truly hope I didn’t look like that all through the party! At first, I blamed the CC cream, thinking that I had it on just too long (about 11 hours). But I often wear my Lumene CC cream for that length of time with no problem. Then I remembered what was different: my moisturizer. And I put the moisturizer under my eyes where there were white streaks and broken CC cream. FAIL!

Because I had such a negative reaction to this product, I thought I would look for some reviews from others who have tried it. The reviews on and tended to be polarized, those who love it and who hate it. Several who had negative reactions mentioned the dryness, the rough or matte skin feel, and white streaks on their face. So I’m not alone! Those who liked it applied moisturizer on top of it (why do I need to do that?), learning how to apply it to minimize the white streaks, and using it for a while to see results (fewer fine lines, more lifted looking skin). Many of those who liked it the most were young, age 19-29. Not exactly an age group with wrinkles or sagging skin, lol.

So now I’m wondering what do I do with this stuff? I don’t trust wearing it with CC cream/foundation again. I could use it as a night cream, I guess, but I don’t really want/need that tightening feeling when I go to sleep. If I bought it at a store, I would certainly return it, but it didn’t come with a way to send it back. Unfortunately, I lost $27 on this one, but much better than losing $150.

What a disappointment. :( I can’t recommend this product. It could just be me, but I don’t know who it would be right for. I disliked the tightening since it did not appear to visibly lift my skin. I disliked the rough feeling on my skin, and the lack of a moisturized feeling. I hated that it compromised my foundation and left me looking, well, terrible.

This week, I’ve tried using it as a night cream with argan oil or rose hip seed oil or another moisturizer on top of it to see if it does anything for my skin over time. Nevertheless, I still consider it a failure for me. I think it’s ridiculous to apply moisturizer over what I thought was a moisturizer. Eventually, I’ll toss it!

Michael Todd True Organics makes a broad line of skincare products. And it’s possible that they may be terrific. My review represents my opinion of only the one product I tried. I would still be open to trying others.

Michael Todd True Organics are sold on and on, if you’re curious. The product was made in the USA.

If you have tried this product and had a different reaction or better results, please let me know. If you had a similar experience, I’d like to know that too!