Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet: Great Affordable Holiday Gift

I have too much jewelry…said no woman ever.

I pretty much always quickly eyeball the Groupon and Living Social deals sitting in my inbox. Most of the time, I pass on the offers. But I think it was Living Social that had a 20% off coupon, so I looked a little more carefully. I noticed an offer from Victoria Emerson, a jewelry brand I never heard of, that was selling leather and bead wrap bracelets for $24, and it qualified for the 20% off coupon. So the price was $18. The bracelets come in a variety of leather and bead color combinations, and I believe there are four options that are deeply discounted at $24. I chose the dark brown leather with turquoise beads (that I just noticed is no longer offered at the sale price, but there are other great options still).

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I was blown away when I received the bracelet last week. It is such a high quality bracelet. I could still smell the fresh leather smell (in a good way), and the beads are real turquoise beads, not plastic. It is very substantial and well made. I love this bracelet!


I had purchased another wrap bracelet at a home jewelry party about six weeks ago, and it was a nice bracelet and cost about ten dollars more than the Victoria Emerson bracelet. It has metal studs, and I like the look, but the quality is not nearly as good as this one.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable holiday gift for someone who likes the wrap bracelet look, this is it! Go to and check out these babies that regularly cost $199 but are on sale for $24 or $27 till November 30, 2013. Shipping was $2.99. You’ll be glad you did.

photo credit: Victoria Emerson

photo credit: Victoria Emerson

UPDATE: Due to the popularity of this post, I thought an update was in order. Victoria Emerson’s website seems to have sale bracelets almost all the time. There are both $24 sale bracelets on existing inventory, and new sale bracelets from the current collection for $27 or $29. They do not require a special code from what I can tell.  Here is a link to the new Purple collection (November 2014) that is on sale now.


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13 thoughts on “Victoria Emerson Wrap Bracelet: Great Affordable Holiday Gift

    • Thanks, Monica! Yes, it was. In fact, the price on the one I bought went back up to $199! But there are still others on sale for $24 or $27.

  1. These are a great deal. I would never be able to bring myself to pay full price because I have other places my money needs to go, but they are extremely nice bracelets. I am happy to have gotten a few at the sale prices ($18 during the black Friday Livingsocial special and $24-$27 directly through Everything you say is true… very nice leather, quality materials, a nice protective velvet pouch for each bracelet you buy, plus fast shipping and courteous service. They’ve been running a winter sale, which ends tomorrow (12/15), but people should check back on occasion for great deals from them. They have several styles they rotate in and out of their own sales, which is nice.

    • Thanks for your comment, Susan. I’m glad you bought some too. I thought it was a great deal, and I’m extremely happy with mine. I hope other folks do see the deal and take advantage of it. PS I used to have a friend in NYC with the same name as yours 🙂

    • You’re right, Lee. I noticed that too. Since I bought mine in November, I see ads on Facebook all the time showing Victoria Emerson bracelets on sale for $24. It’s sort of cheesy to do that, but at that sale price, they are well worth it.

  2. Does anyone have a discount code they used that they want to share? I want to get a bracelet, but just cant commit to full price!

    • Jocelyn, did u go to the Victoria Emerson website? They pretty much always have some bracelets for either $24 or $27. I think I got an email today about sale bracelets. I just went to look, and there are bracelets on sale for $24 from the existing Fall inventory, and there are new sale bracelets at $27 or $29 from the new Purple/Mauve collection. I have put links in an update on my Victoria Emerson blogpost.

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  4. I have to question who makes these. The time taken to make these would mean that someone is being paid next to nothing when they are sold for £21. I make similar and a 2 wrap bracelet takes me approx 2 hours! Add to this cost of leather and genuine gems, if thats what is used. Then something isn’t right 🙁

    • To be honest, I have no idea where they are made or who makes them. Their regular priced bracelets are very expensive, but they seem to have transitioned to lots of sale merchandise. The bracelet I bought on sale over a year ago was very good quality. The beads in my bracelet were a type of stone but not a gem. I’m sure they’re manufactured. Two hours is quite quick to make a bracelet by hand. The crochet hats, scarves, shawls, and ponchos that I make can take weeks or months, and I can never get paid what they’re worth in terms of materials and especially my time…the downside to being an artisan 🙁

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