What’s in My December 2013 Celebration ipsy Bag?

Mid-December has arrived and so has my December “Celebration” ipsy bag!

I Bought This

ipsy envelope

I was away when it arrived and the temperature outside that day in MA was 3 degrees! I was afraid the makeup was going to freeze and break. My friend Kim was kind enough to go out in the snowstorm and take it out of my mailbox and bring it home with her. It was nice and toasty warm when I picked it up today. Thanks again, Kim!

So, what cute little makeup bag did I get this month?


A good quality plastic, black quilted makeup bag. I can definitely use it, especially when I travel. It’ll be a safe place to store my liquids, when I check my suitcase. Great!

Next, what did I get for my $10?  This is always the exciting part. I try not to look at the other beauty bloggers’ posts because I want to be surprised.

Because the December bag that arrived right before the holidays is called the “Celebration” bag, I was expecting all kinds of sparkly stuff to wear for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.  Well, not so much. Instead, it’s a bag of very wearable makeup for any time of year. But I’m not disappointed: the colors and shades were spot on for my coloring.

To show you the contents of the bag, I decided to make another video. I apologize in advance because I still don’t have a tripod. I had one hand on the iphone and the other on the products. 🙁 But I finally ordered a tripod tonight, so next month, the ipsy video should look a whole lot better. I hope. In spite of the poor videography and rambling narrative, you can get a better look at the shades via the video.


So as you can see, mostly neutrals and a very wearable red this month. I like ’em all! But I had to laugh. I must really have too much makeup since I already own two of this month’s products! What are the chances?!! Like I said in the video, I think the nude NYX lipstick and the Be A Bombshell’s The One Stick in “Flustered”, a great blendable stick in a bright pink-red with warm undertones that can be used on cheeks, lips or even eyelids, will make a nice giveaway on the blog this winter. Do you agree?


The ipsy bags I’ve received continue to amaze me with what a great bargain they are! The Be A Bombshell The One Stick costs $16, and the NYX Extra Creamy Round Lipstick is $3.99. Those two products alone are $20, plus there were 3 more great products in the bag:

  • NICKA K New York Nail Color
  • Mirabella Blending Brush
  • Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life Eye Shadow Trio

In addition, you get discounts on purchases from the brands represented in the monthly bag. That’s actually how I ended up buying The One Stick. I loved the Be A Bombshell red lip crayon that came in the November bag so much, I used the discount to buy the multi-use stick…if I had only waited, lol!

As usual, I will be getting good use out of a number of the products: the bag itself, the blending brush, the nail polish, and the Pop Beauty neutral eye shadows. And I’m sure the lipstick and One Stick will soon find a good home. 😉

If you decide to take the plunge and sign up for an ipsy subscription like my cousin Lois did this week, I’d be forever grateful if you’d do it through this link http://www.ipsy.com/r/1zp5 so I’ll get some extra points toward more goodies. Thank you <3




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14 thoughts on “What’s in My December 2013 Celebration ipsy Bag?

  1. I received my first ipsy bag and it was so exciting! I got the “sparkle” bag for sure! The nail polish I got was textured purple glitter! The Big Lip Pencil (red rose) was a very bright red, and The Bombshell Stick (girl crush) is too pale/pink to show up on me,yet it glitters too :)..its all fun and Im sure I can pass a few items on. PS-i got the “smoking hot”(gray colors) eye shadow trio..that glitters too!

    • Wow, that’s what I love about ipsy: they really do personalize the bag for you. I have found that it’s gotten more on target over the months. I hope you’ll be able to wear some of the sparkly makeup over the holidays, Lois. I’m glad you can use the stick from Bombshell as a highlight: on your cheekbones and near your temples, as well as over top of lipstick or eyeshadow for more glimmer. I saw the Smoking Hot trio on another blogger, and the grey shades looked great. I may include the neutral shadows that I got in an upcoming giveaway since I already have a million nude/brown shades. I hope you enjoy ipsy, it’s a great way to build up your makeup stash 🙂

  2. Looks like another great Ipsy month! I have a question, sort of off-topic, but…. what is the fabulous nail color you are wearing in the video? Love it and I need something to inspire me to take better care of my nails this winter!

    • That’s funny, Kim, I have been meaning to write a post about this nail color because I adore it. It’s from Orly, and the shade is Tiara. It really sparkles in the light, but it’s not too ostentatious (well, just a little) if the light’s not shining on it. It reminds me of snowflakes in the sun. Maybe I’ll write the post now. I think it’s a wonderful polish, and versatile as it can be a top coat over another shade 🙂

  3. Allison, I just discovered your blog and I’m reading the advices and reviews you post. I’m an over 40 too, I write you from Italy and I will keep following you, I like your style. Please, have my best wishes for the upcomig holidays. A hug, Anna.

    • Anna, thank you so much for reading the blog! I really appreciate it! I hope you’ll continue to make comments and tell me what you find interesting to read.

      I love Italy, and hope I will have an opportunity to visit the country again. We have friends in Rome and Milan who we haven’t seen in 10 years.

      I wish you very happy holidays as well xo <3

    • Thank you, beautycareforwomen, for the nice wishes. Though Christmas isn’t our holiday, we will be with friends who do celebrate Christmas for dinner. It should be a lovely day. If you are celebrating, I hope you have a wonderful day 🙂

    • NYX makes a huge range of shades and they are inexpensive and comfortable to wear. Do you have Target in Canada? They are sold at Target and Ulta in the US. But some of the ingredients concern me a little.

    • Yeah, I’m eager to try it out, but I want to do a holiday mani for Christmas…so I’m waiting a bit. It is a lovely bottle and sophisticated shade!

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