Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter

Bees are our friends, and they are under siege. I know a number of people in my area who have lost their hives in the past few years. I have been growing lavender and catmint to help the bees, and it sure seems to attract them.


I love honey. It’s delicious, and it’s rich in anti-oxidants. I put it on oatmeal, on fruit, on bread, in tea, and I often eat it right out of the jar. I bake bread every week, and my recipe includes 2 tablespoons of honey. I like trying different honeys from a particular type of flower: orange blossom, clover, blueberry, raspberry etc. I love the unique flavors and colors of the different varieties. When I make a DIY mask, I often use honey as an ingredient. It provides nutrients while helping bind the other ingredients in the mask. Anything with honey gets my attention!

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter

So yes, I’m predisposed to anything with honey in it. And I admit I’m predisposed to anything from Perlier, the luxury Italian bath and body brand. I was happy to have an opportunity from iFabbo, the beauty and fashion blogger’s resource, to try Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter.

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PerlierjarWith my dry skin, I am the body butter queen. In fact, not long ago, I bought Perlier’s White Almond Body Cream, and I love it.

Honey is the foundation of Perlier’s business. They started their business 17 years ago with a honey product, and they have continued to use honey in their products over the years.

But the new Imperial Honey product line is new and different. The honey is from black bees from Sicily, from an apiary situated in fields of red clover. And it is a richer, more potent honey. The product contains real honey, 100% certified organic honey, not honey powder that some other brands use. Perlier combines the black bees’ honey with nutrient-rich Royal Jelly, the food of the queen bee, and has named the formula Imperial Honey.

As in the U.S., the black bees are endangered. The University of Catania in Sicily is conducting research to try to increase their numbers. Perlier is partnering with the university and the apiary where their honey comes from to help create stronger, more resilient black bees.

Does the black bee honey and the Royal Jelly make a difference? Well, yes it does! The Imperial Honey Body Butter is incredibly rich, thick and nourishing. The perfect body butter for the cold weather. A little goes a long way. It goes on smooth, sinks into my skin, and it really lasts.  I can still feel it moisturizing the next day. It’s a luxury version of the drugstore lotions that claim to last for 24-48 hours.


The scent is very natural. It smells like a comforting combination of honey and cocoa. I checked the ingredients, and it contains cocoa seed butter…bingo! But it doesn’t leave a scent on my skin, so I can apply whatever fragrance I want to wear without having to worry about clashing scents.

Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter is 6.7 fl. oz/200 ml, and it’s available on HSN at  The regular price is $40, but you can take advantage of a $5 off coupon to purchase Perlier on by using the code iFabbo5. The Imperial Honey product line also includes hand cream and a shower cream.

The holidays are almost here, and Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter would make a lovely holiday gift for yourself or for a lover of luxury bath & body products.


Are you a honey lover?


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    • No, I didn’t know that darker honey was richer in antioxidants. Thanks for the info, Dima! That’s the type of honey I usually prefer, except for buckwheat honey that’s dark and almost bitter.

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