My Easy Valentine’s Nail Look

I admire all the girls who can do fancy manis. I can’t. I am manicure-challenged. I can do OK on my right hand, but forget my left. I’m a lefty and I can’t do anything much with my right hand.

But I hate to miss out on all the fun. So topcoats are the way I add a little panache.

I Bought This


For my Valentine mani, I used Deborah Lippmann “Groove Is In The Heart”. Deborah Lippmann polishes require two to three coats to get rid of the streaks. The streaks were kinda surprising for a “luxury” nail lacquer. But it is what it is. “Groove Is In The Heart” is a real girly pink. It came in a holiday sampler set of Deborah Lippmann polishes that I bought on

Deborah Lippman Groove Is In The Heart

On top I applied two coats of Wet ‘N Wild Mega Rocks Glitter Nail Color, shade 496D “Always In The Pit”, clear topcoat with medium size pieces of red glitter. It’s a thick topcoat and one coat would’ve done it. But to get enough glitter all over the nail, it required two coats. I bought the Wet ‘N Wild at CVS for 99 cents, and it’s widely available: Walmart, Walgreens, Target, RiteAid etc. The only warning with this glitter topcoat is that it’s a bear to remove!

Wet N Wild Glitter Nail Color, "Always In The Pit"

I used Revlon Base Coat and finished off with Orly Sec Vite.

I wish I could have found a topcoat with little hearts, like the Maybelline topcoat I saw on a blog that must have been from last year since I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. But I think this combo is really pretty! It looks much prettier in person, especially when the light hits it. Got lots of compliments <3

Valentine's Day manicure

So what’s going to be on your nails for Valentine’s Day?



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10 thoughts on “My Easy Valentine’s Nail Look

    • Thank you, Amber! I wish it looked as pretty in the photo as it does in reality. The WnW topcoat makes it so sparkly! And the DL pink is a pretty, super-feminine shade. What’s on your nails?

  1. Hello from Montreal, I love the glam nails…… tres chic!!!! I so admire artwork on nails, I am sooooo boring and y from the basic French manicure, it goes with everything. Bonne St-Valentine la belle Allison!!! xoxoxoxo

    • The French manicure is so elegant, Nathalie! I need to practice doing it again, one of these days. Have a lovely Valentine’s Day, too, Nathalie <3

    • Helene, I must check out Chanel Coup de Coeur. I don’t know the shade, but Coup de Coeur sounds perfect for Valentine’s Day! Have a happy one 🙂

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