Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar All-Star Mini Set

Back in the summer, I wrote a post about a shade of lipstick from Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar- Anika - a pale peach that made me think of Julie Christie’s lipstick from the late 1960s. But I ended up not loving the shade on me, and as a result, I didn’t end up buying it after trying a sample.

Fast forward five months. I noticed a list of holiday gift suggestions on Amber’s beauty blog, Daydreamingbeauty, and the Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar All-Star Mini Set for $20 jumped out at me. I’ve been saving a $10 Sephora gift card (it’s exclusive to Sephora) that I bought in August, for just such a makeup emergency.


Jeff and I went to Boston on Saturday to visit the art galleries on Newbury Street, and I persuaded him to stop in at the Prudential Center, where I knew there was a Sephora. I nipped in and got one of the sales associates to help me track down one of the OCLT Mini Sets (BTW, they’re located with the “On the Fly” impulse items at the checkout area).


I am sooooo happy with this OCLT mini set. It comes with 4 little tubes of the following matte shades:

  • Memento: pink/plum neutral: the shade I originally wanted to try that I now love
  • NSFW: a true balanced red
  • Anime: vibrant neon pink
  • Black Dahlia: blackened red (deep wine or maroon)

The colors can be mixed to create your own exclusive shades, so the possibilities are endless. The set also includes a short-handled precision lip brush.


Oddly enough, I can’t find the size of the tubes either on the tube or on the product card that came with the kit. The tubes are really little, about an inch and a half long, but you only need a tiny drop on the brush to do the job.


The lip tar is very easy to apply with the precision lip brush. It glides on easily. I lined my lips first with lipliner for the first two lip tars: Memento and NSFW, but I didn’t have the right liner for the second two. And I applied Black Dahlia over Anime so I could finish this post, and the Black Dahlia showed a little feathering. In the future, I’ll use my Milani lipliner with it. The lip tar is a liquid lipstick, and it goes on wet-ish and then dries in a little while. My lips are very, very dry at this time of year, so I need to apply my essence Kiss Care Love lip balm first. After a few hours, I applied some more lip balm to hydrate my lips. The color for all four of the lip tar shades is very long-lasting, at least 6 hours, but it dries out after a while and needs to be rehydrated with some kind of balm. (But it doesn’t last through dinner.) OC sells clear lip tar, and I think it would be worth investing in some to help hydrate my lips, as they suggest, before applying and after a few hours instead of the waxy lip balm. At the end of the day, I had to use makeup remover to get the residual color off. For me, that’s a good thing; because even if it fades, there’s still color on my lips.

Here are some photos and swatches on my lips. Sorry the lighting is so yellow. Ugh, these short winter days and bad indoor lighting!










And last but not least, Black Dahlia, a deep wine shade:



The All-Star Mini-Set is a really great way to get acquainted with Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar. It would make a great holiday gift for a lipstick lover, or a great affordable treat for yourself.

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar is vegan and cruelty-free, but I’m not sure about whether it’s gluten-free since it has vitamin E and the source isn’t listed. Again, it costs $20 and is available only at Sephora for the holidays.

Ingredients: Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Cannabis Sativa (Hemp) Oil, Mentha X Peprita (Peppermint) Oil, Tocopherol Acetate (Vitamin E). May Contain: D&C Red #7, D&C Red #30, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Yellow #6, Iron Oxides, Titanium Dioxide

I love all four shades. Every one is a winner!

Do you have a favorite lip tar?


BTW, there’s a new holiday giveaway up on the blog till Saturday night, December 14. Milani Cosmetics has generously provided three color-coordinated makeup collections in three different colored super-cute, satin lips-shaped makeup cases. Each case includes Milani Color Statement lipstick and lipliner, eye primer, nail polish, baked eye shadow, and baked blush. And this time, there will be 7 lucky winners!!  To enter as before, leave a comment on the giveaway blogpost. Click here to go to the giveaway post. Good luck!

10 thoughts on “Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar All-Star Mini Set

  1. Your pictures looked very pretty!
    I wish you would review Dior Universal Lip Liner. It is colorless. It can draw a line just outside the edge of your natural lipline, then you just extend your regular lipstick and – it stays put. Looks very natural. A unique product.

    • Thank you so much, Miriam! I’d love to review the Dior Universal Lip Liner but I’ve gotta get a cash infusion first so I can buy it, lol. Maybe you’d like to write a little review as a guest reviewer instead??!! I’d love that :)

    • Thank you, Dima. I agree, Memento is the winner for every day wear, for sure. It is definitely fun to play around with mixing the colors :)

  2. Think I’ll follow your blog. Vive les dames d’un certain age! Glad I happened on your link via Christine. How DID we do makeup before the Internet? Any way we wanted! I just got NSFW. Great color w/ great staying power. I think it’s perfect for work. Guess if you eschew most pinks, (I’m TRYING, but I find them much harder than reds, oranges, purples + browns to wear), red is daytime/work-friendly. I had a horrible time with feathering over time, so will try your rec on the Milani clear lipliner. Finished off a Benefit one + have misplaced the fat Benefit one. Shopping for a replacement, and this fits the bill. Never got Milani in the drugstore, but got a few at Dollar Tree. Only a buck, for a few decent nudes…and my young coworker asked if it was NARS, MAC, or maybe Too Faced! Makeup is like jewelry. If you are known for ‘real,’ they always think it’s NARS, MAC, MUFE, or French. OMG has drugstore makeup improved over the decades! Unreal!

    • Karen, thank you so much for your comment! I hope you do follow my blog :) I’m trying to figure out which blog is Christine (Tine @BA in Australia?). I love your comparison of makeup to jewelry. I may have to “borrow” that one! And you are so right, drugstore MU has truly improved over the years. So much better in every way!

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