GIVEAWAY: Milani Makeup & Lip-Shaped Makeup Cases!

The holidays are here, and what better time for a makeup giveaway from Milani!

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I am so excited about this giveaway because I love, love, love these lip-shaped makeup cases filled with gorgeous color-coordinated makeup from Milani. Aren’t they the cutest?


There are three different sets:

  • nudes in the deep red makeup case
  • purples/mauves in a lavender makeup case
  • reds in a bright red makeup case.

For this giveaway, there will be 7 lucky winners. There are 3 purple, 3 nude, and one red collections. All three collections are filled with highly pigmented shades that look great on women of all skin shades!  Each makeup case includes:

  • Milani’s famous eye primer that helps eye shadow wear like iron but feels so lightweight
  • Color Statement lip pencil
  • Color Statement lipstick: lightweight, easy-on, comfortable to wear, and just amazing saturated color
  • nail lacquer
  • baked eye shadow
  • baked blush

In the sole red collection that I have to give away, in addition to the eye primer, you’ll find:

  • Best Red, 07 lipstick, and this really is the best, most wearable true red I’ve found
  • True Red, 02 lipliner
  • Bellissimo Bronze, 06 baked blush: a beautiful bronze with gold shimmer
  • Drenched in Gold, 06 baked eye shadow, a gold shimmer with brown accents
  • Ruby Jewels, 23A nail lacquer: the most gorgeous ruby red polish with small shimmer glitter — I hate parting with this, I must admit!!

I just adore these shades! They are perfect for the holidays, and great for all year, too.

Milani red makeup collection

red Milani

Next up is the nude collection. This collection includes the only shade of nude lipstick that I can wear. It is warm and just soooo flattering! I love it and the nude pencil and polish that coordinate perfectly with it.

Here’s what’s in the deep red case:

  • Naturally Chic, 25 lipstick
  • All Natural, 04 lip pencil
  • Rich Java, 607 baked eye shadow: a medium to deep brown with shimmer
  • Rose D’Oro, 02 baked blush: the rose gold shade that I adore
  • Natural Touch, 21A one of my all-time favorite nude polishes

nude Milani collection

nude Milani

Finally, the purple/mauve collection for the true color lover! This glam collection includes:

  • Uptown Mauve, 20 lipstick
  • Brandy, 07 lipliner
  • Berry Amore, 03 baked blush
  • Fushion, 615 baked eye shadow
  • Hipster Plum, 23A nail lacquer


purple Milani


All of these products are irresistable! What a treat for yourself or to give as a gift.

Although I probably won’t be able to match each winner with her favorite shades because I have a limited number to give away, let me know in the comment your color preferences.

And if you can’t wait or to get great tips on creating incredible looks, check out the Milani website at, or check out Milani at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, and Kmart.

Giveaway Rules

As I mentioned above, Milani has provided 7 makeup cases and color-coordinated collections for Never Say Die Beauty’s giveaway. I am sooo excited that we will have lucky 7 winners!

I still want to keep the entry process easy, so I’ll keep it the same as Never Say Die Beauty’s other giveaways (though I know I should switch over to Rafflecopter soon!). To enter, just leave a comment on this blogpost telling me why you want to win the Milani makeup case and collection and which is your fave (knowing that even if you’re a winner, you may not get your choice).

So enter for a chance to win one of 7 lip-shaped makeup cases and color-coodrinated makeup collections!  Just tell me why you want to win in the “Leave a Reply”/comment section at the end of this post. It’s easy, even if you haven’t commented before.  Enter your name, your email (so I can reach you if you win and so I know you’re a person, not a robot), type in your comment, click Post Comment, and you’re done.

Here are the detailed Giveaway Rules and forms of entry:

No duplicate comments, ie please don’t copy what someone else wrote.

If you want to increase your chances of winning, you can earn a total of 5 entries by selecting from the following entry methods (but if you want to do only the required entry method — a comment — that’s fine!):

  1. REQUIRED: Leave a reply/comment in response to this post on why you want to win Milani makeup case and makeup collection
  2. Subscribe to Never Say Die Beauty via the subscription form at the top right side on the home page (if you already subscribe, let me know in your comment and it will count as 1 entry)
  3. “Like” Never Say Die Beauty on Facebook (if you already “liked” the NSDB Facebook fanpage, let me know in your comment and it will count as 1 entry)
  4. Follow Never Say Die Beauty on Twitter: @nsdbeauty ((if you already follow NSDB on Twitter, let me know in your comment and it will count as 1 entry)
  5. Refer a friend who will enter the Giveaway by listing her first name and last initial, e.g. AllisonC, at the end of your comment. You will be credited for the entry if/when she comments on the blogpost.

This giveaway is open to residents of the U.S., age 18 or older. The contest is void where prohibited by law. The winner will be selected by a random drawing, and will be notified by email. You will have 36 hours to get back to me (i.e. by Monday morning, please), if not a new winner will be selected.

The winners will provide me with their mailing address, and I will send your prize via USPS as soon as possible. Never Say Die Beauty and Milani Cosmetics are not responsible for loss or damage.

This sweepstakes will run from time of publication on Sunday, December 1, 2013 to Saturday night, December 14, 2013 at 11:00pm EST. Don’t forget to tell your friends! Good luck 🙂




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317 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Milani Makeup & Lip-Shaped Makeup Cases!

  1. I already liked your blog on facebook. 🙂 I would love to win a nude colored set as I am horrible with makeup and would welcome the opportunity to try something new.

    • Thanks so much, Natosha, for entering, following on Twitter & FB and for subscribing! And the sharing the post 🙂 Milani is a bold and brilliant brand. Your sister would love it if you win. Good luck 🙂

  2. We are a little strapped financially right now, with me being in graduate school and unable to work as many hours I used to, and as a result, we’re cutting waaaay back on Christmas expenses. This is difficult for me because I typically LOVE buying gifts for all of my family members (I’m the oldest of 6 and my husband is the youngest of 7, with 17 nieces & nephews). If I won this, I would give it to my mom or one of my sister’s for Christmas!

    Thanks for the chance 🙂

    • I understand, Amanda. It would make a great gift for your mom or one of your sisters for Christmas. I know you’ve entered before, but I can’t remember: do you follow on FB and/or Twitter, so I can add the correct number of entries. Let me know.

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  4. I’d love to win Milani makeup case and makeup collection because I’m already a big fan of the brand and would love to try out more of their line.

    Already follow on Facebook: Rosie Areola
    Following on Twitter @aitch77

    Tweeted & Shared via Facebook and Google + to share the joy 😉

  5. I really hope i win one of these! They are super cute!
    My favorite would have to be the pink/nude one, since i have warm undertones and warm features it would be the perfect one for me. I also think that the fact that the cases are shaped like lips is perfect!

  6. I would love to win one of these simply because I’ve never won anything before and I’m 30 years old! I like the purple ” package” because I wore mauve lipstick when i was way younger (11-12 yr) and it brought back memories when i saw it:-) Good luck to all!

    • And who would get the makeup, Connie, lol? Thank you for entering and liking on FB (though not sure if the “like” took, would you check please?) Good luck 🙂

  7. These cases are gorgeous! I especially love the red and mauve/purple collections! They’re all gorgeous though. And I would love to be able to give this as a gift for friends of mine for Christmas!

    (Twitter: @LeannaLi
    Facebook: Leanna French)
    Referral: JenniB

    • Leanna, thank you for entering and following on Twitter & FB! Tell JenniB to enter so she can get an extra entry for referring you (I don’t see her name/comment yet). Although the color collections are fabulous, I love the nudes! Milani nudes are the most flattering IMHO 😉 Good luck!

  8. What a great giveaway Allison! I won’t throw my name in the hat, I have a weird thing that I feel as a beauty blogger that some giveaways I shouldn’t enter. Obviously, there are some well deserved entrants above me!! 🙂
    I do need to check out the Naturally Chic lippie that you love so much. And some of the mauve shades! The java eyeshadow is gorgeous. I wonder if you can use the baked shadows wet as a liner. Have you tried?
    Amber recently posted…Crown Brush 88 color warm eyeshadow paletteMy Profile

    • Thanks soooo much, Amber, for your comment and for sharing this post! Your are the sweetest! I do love Naturally Chic because it is actually a very flattering nude shade, unlike most that make me look like a cadaver. I haven’t used the baked shadows wet as a liner, yet but you certainly can 🙂

  9. 1. I like the purples/mauves in the lavender makeup case best out of all 3. I would like to win because just started really getting into makeup and makeup application (I’m 32, if not now then when?). I think Milani has fantastic colors and it looks like a great product but it’s a little too expensive for me, I look for deals whenever possible and Milani tends to not go on sale much so I’d be so excited to be able to try before I buy these products and colors!

    2. I subscribed to your newsletter.

    3. I liked your page on Facebook – name: Kris Aur –

    4. I followed on Twitter @Lovebeautynglam

    • Thank you so much, Kris, for entering my giveaway and for following, liking and subscribing. I agree, Milani has fantastic colors. Milani was on sale at CVS about 2 weeks ago, but usually every couple of weeks, they have buy one, get one half off at CVS, so check ’em out again! I will check out your FB page too. Good luck 🙂

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  11. I would love to win this because I love Milani’s blush and bronzer but haven’t tried their other products before. I like the deep red case!

    • Nichole, you would love the lipstick and lipliner as well as the incredible eye primer for sure! Thanks for entering and good luck 🙂

  12. I like the mauve color and I want to win because I love Milani makeup. I discovered their makeup line this year and have tried some of their products and I am really impressed with how well they work for me.

  13. Milani is one of my favorite brands, in fact I have a lot of these products already! lol But I certainly wouldn’t mind back ups. I think of Milani as high end makeup at drugstore prices, since they seem to like to dupe the high end brands. I prefer the nudes, but I would be happy with any one of these!

    I am soofriends on twitter. And I am Donna Masterson Johnson on facebook.

    Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  14. I’d love to win cause I want to try some new makeup!! To be honest, I’d be thrilled with any of the colors, really!!!

    • So glad you entered, Sharon! All the colors of the Milani makeup are great 🙂 Thanks for reminding me that you subscribe, follow on Twitter & FB. Good luck!

  15. I would LOVE to win the Red Collection because I love make-up but it’s so expensive I never really buy myself much. I never feel right spending the money because the kiddies always need something & I don’t NEED make-up as much as I want it! lol I also love Milani brand! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!! 🙂

    • Thanks, Dawn, for entering the Milani giveaway. The red is awesome, but so are the other shades. BTW, Milani Color Statement Lipstick is on sale this week at CVS for $2.99 if you have a CVS card. Thanks for liking, following and subscribing! Good luck 🙂

  16. I’d love to win the Nude Collection! Milani makeup is one of my favorite brands because they’re very pigment rich! Thank’s for the nice giveaway and happy holidays!

  17. I am the Maid of Honor at a wedding and I think this would be a great gift for the other bridesmaids or a Bridal shower gift.

  18. I would love to win the Milani Cosmetic makeup kit in red because I think it’s just the perfect holiday color there could be and I honestly don’t own not even one Red lipstick, so I’d love to give it a try this year.

    • Maria, thank you for entering, subscribing to the blog, liking on FB, and following on Twitter. I really appreciate it! Thank you for referring your friend. When she enters, you will get an extra entry chance 🙂
      You mentioned that you didn’t own even on red lipstick. Ha! This week, CVS is having a sale on Milani lipsticks for $2.99 if you have a free CVS card. Go and buy one, just in case!!!!

  19. I actually visited 2 CVS Pharmacies today and I couldn’t find one red lipstick. So Sad, When they’re not on sale I bet they’ll be there.

    • Oh, no! So sorry to hear that, Maria. Isn’t that always the way? I don’t know whether they’ll do it where you live, but maybe try calling another CVS — say a smaller, less busy one — and ask if they’ll look for you before you drive too far from home. I hope you can find one. I like a number of the Milani Color Statement lippies, but I don’t know your taste or coloring. In addition to the Best Red, I like the deep dramatic Black Cherry, the nude called Naturally Chic, Sangria a deep purple, Plumrose a pinky/nude/lavender shade. Go to the website and check out the range of shades – they have so many and for $2.99, you will most likely find something that suits you even if Best Red is gone. Good luck in your hunt 🙂

  20. I just found your blog. I dig it! So funny, I am just a few years short of forty now, and it’s taken me all these years to appreciate the power of subtle beauty choices in coloring with cosmetics. While I still had plenty of collagen to spare, I was all about the bright reds. No one could talk me out of it, that was my signature look. Period. These days, the understated but still glamorous tones are definitely doing more for me (like it or not). But they are so hard to get just right! I have never tried the Milani line, so I’m excited for a chance to try out their version of Nude. Thanks so much for the opportunity.

    • I’m so glad you found the blog and the giveaway, Nicole. I’m a recent convert to nude lipstick myself primarily because I couldn’t find a nude shade that looked good on me. Milani’s Naturally Chic is perfect for my skintone and coloring. Take a look and see if it would suit you. Good luck in the giveaway, and hope you’ll keep visiting my blog 🙂

  21. I want to win because I never buy anything for myself, especially this time of the year. My makeup consists of stuff a friend gave me and some random items found on clearance. It would be nice to have some makeup I’m actually excited about!! 🙂
    Jennifer Morris recently posted…It’s OPEN!!!My Profile

    • That’s funny, Jennifer. This would get you off to a good start! Thanks for finding my blog, liking NSDB on FB and entering. Good luck 🙂

  22. i’m soooo crossing my fingers- there are no kmarts here so i don’t own milani stuff. and im on a no buy cuz the ol’ budget is cracked, lol —i’m drooling over the :Naturally Chic, 25 lipstick
    All Natural, 04 lip pencil
    Rich Java, 607 baked eye shadow: a medium to deep brown with shimmer
    Rose D’Oro, 02 baked blush: Natural Touch, 21A

    my colors!!! thank u soo much for chance!!!♥♥♥

    • Thank you for entering, Mariem, and for subscribing, following and liking NSDB on FB! Milani is a great brand, and the nude shades are gorgeous! Good luck 🙂

  23. Wow! What an awesome giveaway ! I have been a Facebook fan and I also started following on twitter. Thanks for the great review and giveaway!

    • Glad you found this one, Tiffany! It’s a goodie 🙂 Thanks for being a FB fan and for following on Twitter! Good luck 🙂

  24. I’d like to win because I’ve never used any Milani makeup before and I would like to try it. I can’t decide if I would go bold with the reds or play it safe (more my speed) with the nudes.

  25. I would love to win because I have never tried the Milani brand but would love too …the super cute lip-shaped makeup cases don’t hurt either! 🙂 My favorite collections are the last two – deep red & mauve/purple. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

    • Shelley, thanks so much for entering the giveaway, and for following on Twitter. You must verify the email subscription through the email you should have received from Feedburner so it knows you do want to subscribe. If you didn’t get it, let me know, and I’ll delete your attempt and we can try again.

      Milani is a wonderful brand of luxury makeup that’s affordably priced and available where we all shop: the drugstore! Good luck in the giveaway 🙂

  26. We have a car down and in the shop and the holiday season isn’t the time to have to spend thousands to get a vehicle fixed but I’m trying to stay positive. This would be a great gift for my teenager – these are her colors – the reds and the purples either would be great.

    I am following via FB as Sherri Sav and Twitter via @savvyblog and I tried to subscribe to your email list but I don’t know if it went through or not…feedburner didn’t pop up. Thanks so much for the giveaway!
    Sherri J recently posted…Hello world!My Profile

    • Sherri, I’m so sorry to hear about your car needing repair. It’s always something, right? But I’m glad you entered the giveaway. It would make a great gift for a teen or a grown woman! Thank you for following on FB and Twitter. Unfortunately, your subscription doesn’t appear to have worked because there’s no trace of it. Why don’t you try it again and use the subscription box on the Homepage that’s in the upper right of the sidebar?

  27. Hi , Allison !

    ––––––– I’m now subscribed under: saucy.baby21[at]gmail[dot][com]

    ––––––– I’d love to win because I love Milani products so much because you get amazing quality at an affordable price.

    The set I’d like to win the most in order would be:
    • Red
    • Purple
    • Nude

    ––––––– I also liked you on FB under: Nicole Ordonez

    Thank you so much for the chance !

    • Thanks so much for entering, Nicole, and for subscribing to the blog and liking the FB page! I appreciate it 🙂 You’re right about Milani, you really do get great quality at an affordable price 🙂 Good luck in the giveaway!

  28. I’ve never tried Milani makeup before, but those baked eyeshadows look so pretty.
    I already liked on FB and follow on twitter @freshsamanthaaa.

    • Samantha, Milani is a wonderful brand — luxury in the drugstore! They were the first drugstore brand to make baked eye shadows, and they are gorgeous. Thank you for entering this giveaway, liking on FB, following on Twitter, and you also are a subscriber, so 4 entries. Good luck!

  29. Id like to win the deep red nude pouch but would be happy with any. Its hard to know what to wear after 40, thanks for all the help! Now if I could only get rid of my 80’s hair :).

    • Dawn, after 40 you can still wear any shades you like! But Milani’s nudes are gorgeous. You’re too funny about your 80s hair! I still wear a retro 60s flip from time to time 😉 Thanks for entering and liking the FB page, and good luck!

  30. Strangely enough, the red one appeals to me most! Love the polish and the eye shadows…. I’ve liked the FB page and subscribe already! Thx.

    • Milani’s Best Red Colour Statement lipstick and lipliner are terrific, Kim. And the sparkly red nail polish is GORGEOUS for the holidays! So glad you entered the giveaway. Good luck!

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    • Thanks, Zoey, for entering following on FB and Twitter! Appreciate it 🙂 Milani is a wonderful brand, real luxury in the drugstore! Good luck

  32. I would love the Nudes because I love Milani but unfortunately because of money I had to cut some makeup out of my budget! 🙁 Plus the nudes look great with my skin tone!

    I liked you on facebook
    I follow you on twitter
    I subscribed to your blog
    and I referred a friend! CharlotteS

    • Thanks for entering, subscribing, following, liking NSDB and referring your friend. You get 5 entries, Jessica! The Milani nudes are great, my favorite nude shades. Good luck 🙂

  33. I would like the nudes the best. I would like to win because I’m scared to spend money trying new makeup. My routine could use some changing up just tried several products that didn’t seem to work for me. Would love to try this brand.

    • Milani is a great brand, Danielle, and it’s always good to try new things. Thanks for entering and following NSDB on Twitter. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Sara, for entering, subscribing and following NSDB on Twitter. I’m a big fan of Milani, too. Their makeup is great! Good luck 🙂

    • Thanks, Sabrina, for entering, following, liking and subscribing to NSDB. Appreciate it! I’ll check out your blog, too. Milani’s a wonderful brand, and you should try some more of their products 😉 Good luck 🙂

  34. I want to win because that is the cutest makeup case around. I like Milani products especially the liquid eyeliner. I would choose the sole red collection.

  35. i want to win because often buying quality beauty products is a luxury that i have to forego. i would love the nude collection the most

    • Thanks for entering and liking on FB, Jenn. I know that it’s hard to splurge on makeup when you have other things you need to buy. Milani is a wonderful, affordable brand. It’s often on sale at CVS with a buy one, get one half off or just a straight discount. Last week, Milani lipsticks and lipliners were on sale for $2.99 which is incredible! Keep you eyes open. And good luck 🙂

  36. I want to win because my daughter has “Makeup” on her Christmas list and this would be fun to give to her! I know she would like it a lot.

    • Thanks, Carolsue, for entering the giveaway and for liking NSDB on FB 🙂 It would make a great Christmas gift for your daughter or for any makeup lover. Good luck!

  37. I would love to win this collection, bc I love Milani Makeup-its the only drugstore brand I buy and this looks like a great prize!

  38. I’d like to win because I need to update my make-up collection (some of it is old and I’m nearly out of some other items) and it’d be nice to do it in a way that I KNOW is color coordinated, instead of mixing and matching at the store. I love the red best, and the nude second (:
    Ally recently posted…ThankfulnessMy Profile

  39. I would like to win because I start a new job next month and some new makeup would be an excellent pick me up on the first day.

  40. Its hard to choose since everything looks so good. I would be happy with anything. I never tried MU before but after seeing these amazing colors I can wait to try.

  41. I would love to win the cute makeup cases especially! They are just adorable. I need some new makeup and this also would be perfect for me! I know my daughter may snatch some of it up, too!

    • Thanks for entering, liking on FB & subscribing, Elizabeth. Appreciate it! The bags are so cute, and the Milani makeup shades are just beautiful. Good luck 🙂

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    • Gee, we don’t have a pink option this time, Nina, but the red, the nude, and the purple are all lovely! Thanks for entering and good luck 🙂

    • That’s a great reason to enter, Trudy. So thank you for entering, commenting,liking NSDB on FB, following on Twitter, and subscribing to my blog: 4 entries. Lots of good luck 🙂

    • Thanks, Jessica, for commenting, liking on FB & following on Twitter. The deep red is the nude shades and they are lovely! Good luck 🙂

  43. i LOVE the nudes in the dark red case! i would love to win this because I need new makeup and as a mom to 2 little ones, makeup comes at the bottom of the priorities or shall i say “remember to grab” list lol 🙂 thanks for the great giveaway!!

    • Kemberly, I see your attempt to subscribe but you must reply to the email sent to your email address from Feedburner to activate the subscription. Check your junk folder in case it’s in there. If you don’t see the email, let me know and I’ll delete your attempt so you can try again. Thanks!

  44. i would love this to give to my sister! shes a really great person with one tiny drawback. she is OBSESSED with make up. shes 19 and i love her to death!

    • Suzanne, there’s no evidence of your subscription, unfortunately. Would you mind trying again, and use the subscription box on the Homepage in the sidebar on the upper right, OK? And then respond to the email from Feedburner to activate the subscription, please. Thanks!!!!

  45. I haven’t purchased any makeup lately and this would be great to spice up my holidays! I love the Reds with my second favorite being the Purples. Really, all are great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  46. I would love to win the purples. After I had my daughter, I had a hard time finding time to put make up on anymore. However, now she is 17 months, so finding time is a little bit easier. I have considered starting to wear some again, and winning this would be a great encouragement.

  47. I would love to win because I’m a big fan of Milani and these cases are so cute!

    – Following you via email
    – Liked you on FB: Ruth Gistelinck
    – Following you on Twitter: @RuthGBCN
    – I would like to refer Anissa S.

    Thank you for the giveaway xx

    • Ruth, thanks for entering, subscribing, liking and following. If Anissa S. enters the giveaway, you’ll get an extra entry. Milani is a terrific brands, and yes, those bags are so cute! Good luck 🙂

    • I love Milani, too, Ruth! And yes, those makeup bags are adorable. Thank you for entering, subscribing to the blog, liking NSDB on FB, and following on Twitter. If Anissa enters, you’ll get an extra entry, but she hasn’t entered as yet. Good luck!

  48. Honestly I want to win this for a friend. She’s not able to afford much of a Christmas for herself or her family this year, and unfortunately I can’t either. But I would love to be able to give her something just for her thanks for the chance!

  49. I like the nude collection. I would love to win because I am not a typical “girly girl” and I have a lot of trouble finding makeup that works for me. I would love to try this to bring out more of my feminine side!

    • Thanks for entering, Alison, and liking NSDB on FB. The nudes are very nice and I find they work very well with my skintone. Good luck 🙂

    • I love Milani, too, Kathleen, for the same reasons 🙂 Thanks for entering, liking NSDB on FB, subscribing to the blog and following on Twitter. I appreciate it! Good luck 🙂

    • I agree! Makeup is a perfect gift for one’s-self, and Milani is a wonderful brand. Thanks for entering, subscribing to the blog, and following on Twitter. I appreciate it! Good luck 🙂

  50. Ooh these are so much fun! I’d love to win because I’ve never tried milani – in fact, I’m not sure if they even sell it locally (no cvs.) I’m a new fb and twitter follower. Thanks!

    • Jennie, these bags really are the cutest! And Milani is a wonderful makeup brand: luxury in the drugstore. It is sold at CVS, Walgreens, Walmart, Kmart, and Fred Meyer…and some other retail stores across the US. It is also sold on the website. Check it out! Thank you for entering, following on Twitter and liking NSDB on FB! Good luck 🙂

  51. I seriously LOVE all 3 sets but if I HAD to pick a favorite I would choose the nudes in the deep red makeup case! I’m loving the Ruby Jewels nail polish in it 🙂 I would really like to win because I am a makeup lover but as the mom of 3 kids every time I buy something, it’s for one of them. I love to see their little faces light up when they get something they’ve been asking for or just a little surprise from mama. I love to make others happy, what can i say?! Even if I won this I would share with my almost 4 year old daughter who LOVES nail polish and would probably squeal with delight when she saw the lips bag! I would too! lol So I guess what i am saying is that I love makeup but usually don’t buy any of the good stuff cause I like to spend my money on my kids instead of myself 🙂 Anyways.. thank you Sooooo much for the chance to win such an amazing prize and I hope you have a very happy holiday this year!!

    I subscribe to your blog via email

    I am a new fan of Never Say Die Beauty on FB as Becky VanGinkel

    I now follow you on Twitter as @bearyfunscrap

    Thanks again ~ Becky VanGinkel

    • Thanks, Becky, for entering, subscribing to the blog, following on Twitter & liking NSDB on FB. I really appreciate it! Yes, it is difficult to choose! All three collections are gorgeous! I too love the Ruby Jewels nail polish, so festive 😉 And it would be fun to share the polish with your 4 year old! I’m glad you entered, and I wish you a happy holiday season, too!! Good luck 🙂

  52. I love the lip cases … and the collections all look very useable. I’m thinking my daughter would love to find any of these wrapped up under the tree. . In order I would like one of the Deep Red collects, or Purple and then Red.
    Thanks for the review

  53. I would love to win because I have never tried and it looks awesome. Thank you for the giveaway!!

    Fb teresakoedyker followed by e-mail
    The only thing I did not do is tag a friend because i don’t know how.

    • Milani is a terrific brand of makeup, Teresa! Luxury in the drugstore 😉 Thanks for entering, liking NSDB on FB, following on Twitter and subscribing to the blog. I really appreciate it! The friend thing is: if you get a friend to enter, tell me her name and if she does enter, you get an extra entry. Good luck 🙂

  54. I like to win because I’ve never used Milani makeup & I want to try it. I’d love the purples/mauves in a lavender makeup case set.

    • Milani is a really good brand to try: luxurious but affordable. Thanks, Gina, for entering, liking NSDB on FB and following on Twitter. I appreciate it! Good luck 🙂

  55. would love the nude collection or any of the collections really because all the colors work well together and i could honestly use some decent makeup

    • That blush shade is amazing, Kathy! Thanks for entering, liking on FB, following on Twitter, and subscribing to the blog. I really appreciate it! Good luck 🙂

  56. I don’t were make up every day, but when I do it has to be subtle I love the nude and the mauve collection as those are the tones I wear.

  57. I would love to win this for myself because I need some new make up. I really like the set in the deep red make-up case.

  58. I am so limited on make-up that I have, and I’m bad at picking stuff out, and if I get some stuff I like, I will wear more make-up, even though I have a baby now! I think I would choose the sole red collection, if I had a choice!

  59. I’d love to win the Nude collection. Why? Because that combination would be more flattering to my complexion, I think. I’ve heard so much about Milani products but have never tried them. Hope I win! 🙂

  60. My girls love purple, we would love to try out the the purple/mauve collection! We love the pretty nail polish and everything else in it too!

  61. I would love to surprise my oldest daughter with the nudes in the deep red makeup case. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  62. I am following facebook josie haney hink

    I would love to win this for my daughter she wears makeup everyday and is always trying new tones and colors

    Josiehink122026 at gmail dot com

  63. I love trying new makeup but have a hard time coordinating colors into a cohesive whole. I’d love to try one that was already put together! Also, I love them all, but I think I really love the red. Thanks!

  64. I’d love to win the Lilac Lips for my sister who is undergoing 2nd round treatment for return of stage 4 ovarian cancer. She’s currently loving pinks & purples, this set would make her holiday! Merry Christmas. Thanks for a wonderful giveaway & the chance to win it!

  65. I forgot to add that I’m a subscriber, too! Thanks for a chance to win this fantabulous Milani Makeup Giveaway for my sister. Merry Christmas!

  66. I want to win because I’ve tried a couple Milani makeup products before and loved them and these lip cases are just too cute as well. If I win, I’ll be sharing the products with my teenage step daughter who would absolutely love that cute little lip shaped case. My pick on the colors is exactly the way you have them in your post, red first, neutrals second and the mauve/purple third. We would love to win any of them as between the two of us, we would enjoy all the products….thanks so much for the chance to win!

  67. I’d like the Purple set because radiant orchid is the Pantone Color of the year and I think it’s the Best color to experiment with since I don’t own purple.

    • I just wrote a blogpost about Radiant Orchid, Jamie. I think it’s a beautiful color of the year, especially for makeup. The past two years with emerald and tangerine have been difficult for some of us to figure out ways to wear those shades. I think Radiant Orchid is so much more wearable 🙂

  68. I’d love to win the Milani Makeup set because it’s beautiful! I’d share with my sister too, we both love our cosmetics 🙂

  69. I love it all but the bag is CUTE! I might share a couple of the products with one or both of my nieces if I win. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  70. The Milani giveaway is now closed. Thank you all for entering the Milani giveaway! And thank you to those of you who liked NSDB on Facebook, follow on Twitter, and subscribed to my blog posts. I appreciate it so very much. This was the biggest response to my giveaways yet so i must say it’s been a big success. Because so many entries came in at the last minute and because I’m not doing the giveaway via Rafflecopter, rather than spending the time replying to each of you individually, I am working on getting all the entries in so I can choose the 7 random winners.

    I was touched and delighted by all of the reasons that you wanted to win. I will email the winners as soon as they are chosen. Thank you all again. i hope you all have very happy holidays. And please stay tuned, there will be more giveaways in the new year. 🙂

    • Nicole, the giveaway ended last night, 12/14. Hope you’ll visit the blog again, and keep your eyes open for more giveaways in 2014. 🙂

  71. Thank You So Much for your info Allison, I own Nude Creme, Plum Rose & Sangria which Flatter me quite wel,l but When I swatched Naturally Chic on My Skin, I felt it’d to be a little bit of a brownish-nude shade for my taste. OH! I’ve Also swatched Black Cherry & it is a Beautiful Dramatic color that I don’t know if I can rock, 🙁 But it’s anything like Sangria I’d give it a try!

    • Thank you for commenting, Maria! It is interesting how different shades look on different women/skin tones! Naturally Chic is one of the few nudes that I can wear, but Sangria is a little too bright for me. I didn’t think I could wear Black Cherry, but I actually love it — but I don’t wear it that often. Plum Rose is one of my “go-to” shades! I’m just having my coffee, then I’m headed to the post office to mail the boxes with the Milani makeup. I put yours and Jamie’s in the same box! Keep your eyes open for it 🙂

  72. I read your blog post about Radiant Orchid : 2014 Pantone color of the year and I absolutely love almost every product in the post, but what extremely caught my eye was Lancome Blush and that it’s a beautifully unique shade.

    • I just looked at it again, Jamie, and you’re right, it’s a gorgeous shade! Kinda pricey but beautiful 😉 I think Radiant Orchid is going to bring forth lots of beautiful new makeup for 2014. I just came back from the post office, and I sent out the boxes with the Milani makeup & cases. Yours is the purple one, and I hope you will find some pretty shades with a little more purple than the Radiant Orchid among the makeup. Because of the nail polish, the post office can’t send it by air so it goes on the truck and will take a little longer. I hope you’ll receive it by next Monday! And thank you for your comment! I love to find out what readers think about the blogposts!!

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